Rab di Mehhar (Punjabi w EST) movie poster

Rab di Mehhar (Punjabi w EST)

Rab di Mehhar is an inter-cast romantic-comedy that comprehends Mehhar a Muslim girl and Ravdeep a Hindu guy. Mehhar being a Muslim is someone who goes to Dargah, Gurudwara, temple and church as her religion is love which is also the way of her being. Ravdeep on the other hand also believes in only one religion i.e. humanity. Ravdeep finds it a little difficult to realize that love at first sight is something that is not just in the fantasy world but has happened to him for real. After a lot of efforts Ravdeep finally manages to win Mehhar’s heart and a rock hits his head when Mehhar reveals that she’s a Muslim. Finally, a twist in the tale comes when Mehhar tells Ravdeep about her Brother Iqbal, who hates love and Sardar (Sikh) because of his past. A dramatic event leads to Ravdeep’s effort to win Iqbal’s heart through his friend’s (Kharbuja) silly ideas. Finally, Ravdeep comes to know about Iqbal’s past and tries to sort out the misunderstanding. Now it would be interesting to see whether Ravdeep and his love win, or they surrender.

Starring: Dheeraj Kumar, Ajay Sarkaria, Kashish Rai
Directed by: Abhay Chhabra

In Theatres:Sep 22, 2023
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 145 min

Notes:Punjabi with English Subtitles

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