Fort McMurray Eagle Ridge

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175 Eagle Ridge Blvd Unit 1 , Fort McMurray, AB, T9K 2Z7
Tel: 587-604-0667
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Ticket Type General
Regular $15.25 $11.50 $11.99
Real D 3D add $3.00
Premiere Seat add $3.00
Premiere Seat 3D add $5.00
Laser Ultra add $5.00
Laser Ultra Premiere Seat add $8.00
Morning Movies  $10.99
Sunday Kid's Day $15.99
REEL Deal Tuesdays  $10.99
Senior's Day - Monday     20% Off
Movie Twosome Wednesdays $39.99
3D Movie Twosome Wednesdays $45.99
Laser Ultra Movie Twosome Wednesdays $49.99
Laser Ultra Movie Twosome Wednesdays-Premiere Seats $55.99

Premium location surcharges will apply to select Corporate Sales vouchers and all Costco, AMA and Calgary CO-OP vouchers.
Premium Location Voucher Surcharge per admission:
General Admission add $2.00
Child Admission add $1.50

Admissions prices do not include tax and may change without notice. The final admission price (tax inclusive) will be displayed on checkout prior to payment and printed on each ticket. Please note, voucher tickets are tax inclusive. Additional surcharges may apply for select films, events, and special presentations.

This Location Offers:

Laser Ultra Experience
• Premiere Seats
• Recliner Seats
 Free Reserved Seating
 Movie Deals
Alcohol Service
• Coca-Cola Freestyle
Food Delivery
• ATOM Ticketing
 RealD 3D
 Park the Stroller (Baby-Friendly Grown-Up Films)
 Sensory Friendly Films
• Assistive Devices
 Corporate & Group Sales
• Automated Box Office
• On-Site Parking
• Wheelchair Accessibility

Mailing Address

Landmark Cinemas Fort McMurray Eagle Ridge

175 Eagle Ridge Blvd Unit 1
Fort McMurray AB T9K 2Z7

Theatre office: 587-604-0667